NHow Berlin Hotel

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The Music and Lifestyle Hotel in Berlin

Amwaj prides itself in pioneering Europe’s real estate landscape through establishing Europe’s first music hotel. NHow is located right on the bank of the Spree and at the center of Berlin’s music, fashion and artistic scene. The entire interior of the NHow Berlin was designed by the renowned New York’s Karim Rashid. His visionary designs, and their implementation by star architect Sergei Tchoban, form a perfect symbiosis fostering an inspirational artistic and hip hub for music lovers.

NHow is the prime destination for cosmopolitan business travelers, international jet-setters and members of popular bands. With a capturing panoramic view of Berlin, the Hotel caters a fully fledged array of services to suite the music industry needs. NHow offers a music manager on site, an exclusive guitar room service, and a high-end sound studio operated in conjunction with Berlin’s legendary Hansa Studios.

A work of art in its own right, the NHow Berlin is a modern architectural and a unique landmark of the capital. In addition to the spectacular design and excellent technical facilities, each of the 304 rooms is a source of inspiration and at the same time a perfect refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city

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