Cadmus International School

About this project

The Cadmus International School is located in Iraq Gate Project- Baghdad, Iraq.
Cadmus International School – Iraq Gate is set to open its doors in September 2020 to students from Kindergarten through Grade 6 and plans to expand by one grade level in each year until the school offers a full Kindergarten through Grade 12 program.

CADMUS® International School –students will benefit from a high-quality education that helps them reach their full potential. CADMUS® students will learn through the SABIS Educational System™, an integrated, comprehensive, Kindergarten through twelfth grade academic program.
The SABIS Educational System™ uses dynamic materials, proven methods, and cutting-edge technology to give students a solid foundation of knowledge and essential skills that they can use as a springboard for learning in college and beyond. The skills acquired include creativity, collaboration, confidence, and critical thinking, among others, as well as an ability to engage as independent learners.

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