Al Kadhmiyah

About this project

The new city of Al Khadhmiyah is a new city on the Iraqi land and is multi-purpose investment project in the field of housing, education health, tourism and entertainment has been designed by the best designers and architects in the world, where all the visions ended to design a modern city in the magnificence of planning to provide the current and future needs of its residents and visitors, where residential areas of villas, residential building and shops, as well as large green spaces and sport fields , in addition to daily services that provide the need of resident and recreational areas, allowing modern activities to communicate and exchange cultural event such as conference, seminars and various educational institutions is a city built on an area of land of 400 acres and is a cultural and heritage extension of the capital Baghdad in general and Al Khadhmiyah in particular.

A full-service residential city designed according to the latest international specification, containing (4000) different housing unit (apartment and villas). The project also contains profitable investment opportunities outside the residential project. The project is also equipped with public service such as a specialized hospital (200 beds), an international specialized university, schools, kindergarten, nursery for children, a dispensary and houses of worship. The infrastructure of the city is designed according to highest international standards and using advanced technologies, taking into consideration the cultural heritage and social privacy of the city and representation in the designs of residential units.

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