EDUCATION : B.Sc. Engineering, University ofLondon, Queen Mary College
PERSONAL : Date and place of Birth: Iraq, 1964
Marital Status : married with four children

Mr. Namir El Akabi has extensive high-profile executive experience. He is playing a leading role in shaping the future and development of Iraq’s recovery and its reconstruction, by establishing ALMCO GROUP and leading it with his proactive approach and management efforts to train and utilize the local work force for a brighter future.

Mr. Namir El Akabi is the CEO and Owner of ALMCO Group of companies, he is in charge of leading the group in its various fields: Construction and Engineering, Oil & Gas, Life Support, Medical Services, Insurance and Automotive, with his corporate Strategy & Development experience that made ALMCO a leading professionally managed multi-dimensional group, proving its unwavering potential for growth. Today ALMCO is a fast growing organization with more than 7,000 employees spread across Iraq and one of the largest property developers in Iraq and in the Middle East.

In 1988, Mr. Namir El Akabi successfully established and managed Dorchester Estates Limited Co, which is considered as one of the largest firms in properties development, where you can find the best residential and commercial investment opportunities in the international property market. For 22 year he worked closely with exclusive developers in the most rewarding promising and mature property markets, to offer the end users the best return on their investment. Conducting fastidious due diligence and ensuring all developments would meet the precise criteria and to bring the stakeholders the most profitable properties. Being the Managing Director / Partner Mr. Namir El Akabi played pivotal role in building and managing the company’s strategy.

Mr. Namir El Akabi established and managed ALMCO GROUP in 2003 and its regional offices throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. These include: London-UK, Dubai-UAE, Kuwait, Amman-Jordan, Cairo-Egypt, Chennai-India, and in 2007 he productively established and managed Amwaj International Co. to broaden his fields of interests to include real estate, investment, hotels and franchising. Thorough out his knowledge of the entire market scenario and a broad-minded approach to processes and operations Mr. Namir El Akabi led Amwaj International to prove both impressive performance and striking potential throughout its offices which are operating all over the globe.

Mr. Namir El Akabi was involved in the establishment and development of a powerful purchasing and procurement department in Amman – Jordan to centralize the purchasing cycle for the group in a healthy environment full of transparent policies and procedures, opened with no hard restriction to trade internationally.

Mr. Namir El Akabi received several awards and honors due to his high-level, professional and creative ability to meet the client’s needs, especially due to his leading role in the reconstruction programs of Iraq where he received several certificates of Appreciation from Lieutenant General Martin E. Dempsey/ US Army on 16th Apr, 2006 who was Central Command, and Commanding General, Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq. Master Sergeant Gene Folsom / NATO Training Mission on 15th Jun, 2006, And from General David Petraeus who was serving as the 10th Commander, U.S. Central Command and as Commanding General, Multi-National Force – Iraq. As commander of MNF-I, Petraeus oversaw all coalition forces in Iraq.

Major General Darryl A. Scott / US Air Force on 31st May, 2007 and from Major General D.M Stone / Multi National force on 24th Nov, 2007 in addition to a certificate of appreciation from the Australian Army.

Mr. Namir El Akabi has big portfolio properties worldwide, Mr. Namir El Akabi has experienced with properties for over 30 years which was started in England and now he is considered as one the biggest property developer in the Middle East and around the world.


Mr. Namir El Akabi attended several courses over the years to enhance and develop his leadership and execution strategies and to learn in depth the financial and legal transactions:
* Series 7 Stockbroker – USA
* Organizational Leadership and Change Management.
* Global Business Strategies.
* Integrating Logistics and Management.
* Investment Fundamentals and Portfolio Management.
* Leadership: Building Success through Teamwork.

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Address : Amman – Jordan Mohammed Ali Janah Street Amwaj International Building

Phone :+962585 8 192

Email : namir.elakabi@almcogroup.com

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