Namir El Akabi
Chairman& Owner
Amwaj International Company

Since its inception as a leader in the field of investment and real estate development, Amwaj International Company is seeking to upgrade all its services to the highest standards and expectations, as Amwaj International Company emerged in companies that deal in real estate investment sector under the name which is now represents a symbol of success, creativity and integrity.
Geared by unsurpassed management and armed with a diverse group of experts, our teams continue to impress the region with their taste and style. Amwaj International’s creations are expressions of exquisite luxury and unrivaled artistic style.
Since our inception in 2008, Amwaj International has cultivated lucrative business opportunities in the real estate, franchising, investment and hospitality fields.
Today, we pride ourselves in the multi billion dollars assets portfolio we manage across several countries. Our flagship business solutions have gained us international recognition as industry pioneers and trailblazers, enabling us to take our place among the region’s most prominent investment firms.
Our business approach places a great premium on professional talent, quality and excellence. And our sound market strategies constantly allow us to penetrate and successfully sustain our presence in regional and international markets, underpinning our consistent performance and continuous prosperity.
It is with great pleasure and pride that we share with you a glimpse of Amwaj International’s vision and achievements through a selection of our portfolio projects and range of solutions.

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